Delgado Truking Express

Our history begins in 1980 when Eli Delgado our chairman started to work as an owner operator for the Distributor Services Company in Jersey City, NJ with just 2 years we had 5 trucks straight jobs for a company called Frozen Food Express in Newark, NJ.

In 1984 we started our own company under the name of Delgado Trucking Express. In 1993 with 5 straight jobs and 1 tractor we had many customers such as Transconex Services, Pork Products, Standard Casing and other supplying services for NJ, NY, PA and CT.

The company became a Corporation in February 28th 1994 now with 5 straight jobs and 3 tractor-trailers. By 98 we bought our own building at 220 Miller St. in Newark, NJ we installed our office and warehouse with refrigeration services.

Finally in 1999 we moved to 193 Emmet St. Newark, NJ with a much better facility bigger office and space to hold up to 6 trailer loads also a frozen unit to keep –20c and up to 20 pallets parking lot for 8 tractor-trailers.

Delgado’s uses a facility in Carteret, NJ with security guards and surveillance cameras for freight safety.

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